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Welcome to LaRue’s

LaRue’s Haulage is Family Owned and Operated since 1946 when Roger LaRue started the company with one dump truck and a shovel to service the community of Georgina. Today son Fred LaRue owns and operates the Company.

LaRue’s offers a wide range of services and products ranging from residential to commercial projects.

LaRue’s Haulage Services Include:

Waste Disposal Containers – Sizes ranging from 40 Cubic Yard to 4 Yard MINI BINS
Front End Containers for Commercial / Industial Business
Demolition & Disposal – Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Garden Soils & Mixes – Triple Mix, Top Soil, Mulchs
Aggregate Products – Driveway Gravel, Drainage Stone, Filter Sand, Tile Bed Sand
Landscape Items – River Rock, Field Stone
Excavating – Demoltion, Basements
Stone Slinger Services

“Your Satisfaction Is Our Future”

Hours of Operation:  7am to 5pm

905.476.4988  or  905.478.4988


Filter Sand

Has the same purpose as tile bed sand. It’s a tiny bit coarser and usually depends on what your septic system as to which materi...

Tile Bed Sand

This sand is used in septic systems allowing a T-time for drainage. This sand is coarser than brick sand which allows water to tri...

Sand Fill

Is harvested onsite here at LaRue’s from our rich sand banks. Because this sand comes straight from the earth we cannot guarante...

Asphalt Screenings

Is made of small particles and fines. It’s about the same size as limestone screens just made with asphalt. Its compacts and loo...

Recycled Crushed Asphalt

Helping the planet one material at a time we also crush used asphalt to create another recycled product. This asphalt is great for...

Recycled Crushed Concrete

With current global issues we at LaRue’s understand the importance of recycling. We not only accept waste concrete but we then c...

Metering Stone

This is just a smaller version of pea stone. These small stones differ from pea gravel for they are flatter and contain no fines o...

3/8 Pea Stone

Pea stone is exactly what it sounds like it is, stones the size of peas. They are round and easy on your feet if you’re using th...

River Rock

Large, Small – Now were not usually ones to boast but our river rock is the nicest we’ve seen. It comes in two sizes small and...

Field Stone

Our field stone come in a serious variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. Ranging from red, green, deep blues, purples, and pinks. ...

Landscaping or Armour Stone

These decorative stones are used quite often for landscaping around ponds, pools, gardens, walkways, creating levels, and whatever...


 Bin Rentals

We offer an array of disposals bins from 4 yards to 40 yards. These bins can be used for waste, shingles, renos, demos, and everything in between.

4 Yard -12’L x 5’W x 2’H
10 Yards – 12’L x 7’W x 4’H NO FILL
– 12’L x 6’W x 5’H NO FILL
12 Yard – 12’L x 6’W x 5’H (Round Bottom)
20 Yards – 18’L x 8’W x 5’H
40 Yards – 20’L x 8’W x 8’H NO FILL

We handle all of the waste from the time it leaves your job to the time it reaches the land fill. This cuts down significantly on YOUR COSTS.

We make an effort to recycle as much as we can from our transfer station. Some of these materials include wood, metal, cardboard, brush, yard waste, and anything that can be used for something else.

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure 😉

Mini Bins

We have been in the mini bin business for quite a few years now and have expanded our fleet to be better equipped and more accessible for our customers. The reason we love mini bins so much is the versatility they offer. If you need a few yards of aggregates and a waste bin we can deliver them both at the same time for one delivery cost.

We have 5 sizes of mini bins to suit your needs. Whether you’re cleaning out your garage, getting ready to move, renovating, or simply getting rid of some old junk and yard waste we can set you up with an affordable waste removal system.

4 Yard -12’L x 5’W x 2’H FILL (SOIL), CONCRETE, ASPHALT
10 Yards – 12’L x 7’W x 4’H NO FILL (DIRT)
– 12’L x 6’W x 5’H NO FILL (DIRT)
14 Yard – 14`L x 8`W x 4`H NO FILL (DIRT)
20 Yard –14`L x 8`W x 5`H NO FILL (DIRT)

The benefits to owning and operating our own transfer station allow us to reduce tipping fees resulting in cost savings for you! La Rue`s has very competitive pricing and you will find that we have the lowest rates around.

Equipment Rentals

Whether you are building a new home, working on your current or tearing one down; we can provide you with the expert service you’ll need. Over the years LaRue`s has accumulated an impressive collection of heavy machinery to fit and complete any job with operators to match.


Garbage & Recycling

Since 1946 LaRue’s has been involved in the collection and disposal of the local waste from Georgina and surrounding municipalities. In 2009 we reopened our transfer site and are offering front end service to local business who want better service and for a better price. We understand the importance of small business and strive to help where we can.

If you need garbage disposal on a weekly basis you may want to consider a 4 yard or 6 yard front end disposal bin. We have a NO CONTRACT policy with no hidden fees, just good ole’ face to face customer service.  This allows for extreme flexibility and the comfort knowing that we will do our absolute best to make sure you’re satisfied.

Recycling is not just something you should practise at home but it is something that needs to be practised more by businesses.   Along with the 4 and 6 yard front end waste containers we have 4 and 6 yard front end cardboard containers! If you’re a business who deals with a lot of cardboard on a weekly basis and wants to see it being reused rather than in a landfill let us help you get rid of it responsibly. Give us a call and we can set you up immediately.


The service we are best known for is our ability to haul pretty much anything you can think of including aggregates, limestone, topsoil, and triple mix. The familiar black and yellow LaRue`s trucks you see on the road are hauling to customers every day and have been since Roger LaRue shovelled the first load in 1946. We can deliver as little as a single yard to as many yards as you can handle right to your front door. Not to mention we offer same day delivery.

We have a very impressive fleet of specialty trucks to meet your every need. From tandem and triaxle dump trucks to stone slingers and tractor trailers. Our experienced drivers are among the best at what they do and will help make your job easier.

We can deliver any material that we have in stock and even specialty materials that have to be ordered.

On Site Pick Up –


The best part of being a supplier is supplier prices! If you are able to pick up your own material at our location, 23082 McCowan Rd, you will pay a fraction of the price you would at your local garden center. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our friendly ladies in the office at our local numbers: 905-478-4988 or 905-476-4988.

Were located on McCowan Rd in between Glenwoods Ave and Ravenshoe Rd. Opened Monday to Friday 7:00am to 5:00 pm.  Saturday’s from Spring until Fall 7:00am – 12:00pm



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